2324: Timber Workbench

Key data

Category: La - Large

Location: O (On loan)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 48

Number of unique pieces: 14


1 Workbench (with red piece of wood attached)

3 Storage Bins (Blue, Red and Green)

1 Screw Driver (Green)

1 Hammer (Red)

1 Cresent (Blue)

1 Ruler (Blue) (1 currently missing)

2 Nails

12 Screws

1 Red piece of wood to make up vice

1 Large turning handle (Yellow and Red)

10 Wooden Pieces with pre drilled holes

12 Nuts (5 currently missing)

1 Cresent shaped piece of wood

1 Small turning handle (Red and Yellow)


Public comments: "RRP - 164.14chalk fundraiser"

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